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Success 1

“Connect the Dots Learning is not your typical leaning center. They are like trusted friends that really care about every child. We have received tremendous support, above and beyond. In just a few weeks our grandson is showing confidence and is on his way to achieving his true potential.”

Kevin and Tracy Peltier, grandparents of a 1st grader

Success 2

“My son has made fantastic progress. We’ve done tutoring at other places but when he came to Connect the Dots Learning, the level of instruction was just superior to anything that we had done before.” 

Carlos Barron, parent of a 3rd grader

“We brought our son to Connect the Dots Learning where he worked for two hours twice a week during the summer. Within eight weeks he was right back on track with his grade level and in some areas above. He was extremely prepared for the start of his 5th grade year. Instead of being one of the kids at the lower end of the curve he was now one of the top students with more confidence in himself.” 

Steffani Clark, parent of a 5th grader

“Moms, dads… touch basis with Connect the Dots Learning. My son has jumped 2.5 grade levels in math. The jump in my son is phenomenal, he is proud of himself. He is willing to learn math again.

Tina Ramirez, parent of an 8th grader. 

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Disclaimer: We see our subscribers, students, members and clients as an extension of our family, which is why we always treat them with respect and transparency. Although we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate, we cannot guarantee that your child will obtain the dramatic results which you may expect.  We do our absolute best to help all children but there are variables that sometimes are out of control such as the child’s motivation, willingness to try, their dedication, hard work etc… The above testimonials are just a sample of our satisfied clients and should not be interpreted that your children will obtain the same results.